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Pros and Cons of a Tumbled Stone Tile Backsplash

Posted on October 2, 2017 By

Are you looking for unique ideas particular to a new kitchen backsplash? If you tired of conventional solutions, and want something besides a cookie-cutter look, you might think about a tumbled stone tile backsplash. This process of “cleaning up” rocks can be done with granite, marble, travertine, and so on. When used since a backsplash, the look is simply beautiful but before you make a ultimate decision for your remodeling project, it would be crucial to research different stones to identify the main one you want to use.


The nice point about using tumbled stone to generate a backsplash or floor is the fact that rather than the stone being rough and in a natural state, the particular tumbling process creates a easy, polished look. Therefore, if you had been interested in a cleaner, more stylish look for the splashback, whether with the food prep or bathroom, going this path would be ideal. Chances are good the stone would need to be installed simply by a professional simply because even little pieces would be heavy so the surface area would need to be carefully prepared.

Another benefit of choosing this type of stone is that using small parts of varying colors and colors, you could create different designs with regard to kitchen backsplash tile murals. Obviously, creating a mural on the splashback would require more time and work but with the installation complete, you will without doubt be the envy of the area. For this, you could have the ceramic tile installed by a contractor or even consider peel and stick tumbled stone products that would allow you to manage installing the tile.


While the particular negative aspects of a walls in the kitchen covered with tumbled rock are minimal, you should consider a several things. For instance, whether choosing natural stone, slate, travertine, and so on, remember small and large items are going to be heavier than using prefabricated stone, ceramic, stainless steel, tin, and copper. Therefore, if you wanted to associated with installation a do-it-yourself project, you’ll want the proper surface on which the rock would be applied. Additionally, the backing product used to install the rock would be a critical factor in order to success.

You will also find that each raw and tumbled stone ceramic tile backsplash products are going to be more expensive compared to prefabricated products. For this cause, it would be to your advantage to look at designs, then choosing one that would fit affordable. Now, even with higher prices, if you take your time to shop around, you could locate natural stone products that have been tumbled that are being sold at a discount.

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