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Pantry organization ideas | Home organization

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Hello before we give this super messy pantry a makeover, forget to hit the small subscription button below if you have not yet done so. Just not to miss any of my upcoming videos. My first tip is to clear everything out of your pantry. We need a clean canvas. Toss anything that is outdated or no longer consumes Can Give a good cleaning treatment, because we will be using this place for the food products your pantry, I recommend you to avoid the use of nasty chemicals and instead use baking soda and vinegar. Step number three is to sort all the items in the pantry into different categories. To do this, I just went ahead and listed all the items that contained the galley. After that I found out what items were consumed daily and had to grab his hands and which were only occasionally used. Next, I went ahead and got a few different containers to help me sort out everything. I bought some shovels to throw into the large container to make it easier ,.

to use the products within them. To prevent the boxes scrape the shelves, I got this padded sticker and put it on every corner. To make a really efficient system, you need to proceed and create labels. Because I do not have a label maker, I just went ahead and typpte everything on my computer. Next, I went ahead and printed everything out. Then I cut each label and suck it with some tape.

For my tea bag, I went ahead and bought this beautiful wooden box, to keep them organized and to look good. For spices I collect these small glasses and filled them up. After that, I labeled everything to get quick access to the herbs when we cook. Now you just have to put everything back and start to enjoy your super organized pantry.

In order to make it easy to me to access the different products, I used some old books and an old wine box to create different levels This is the simple but clever idea that can help you to make your pantry much more functional , Here is the overview of the final result: Okay guys, that was my pantry organization video. I hope you liked it. I have to do a bit of a disclaimer here because this is not the pantry from the place where I live. That’s why you might had not seen vegan products. But I was super happy to help and organize everything for my friends. Once again, if you like this video, do not forget to give it a thumb and to subscribe if you have not ..

Until the NeXT times !.

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