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Is Your Backsplash Outdated?

Posted on August 3, 2018 By

Backsplashes follow design trends just like cabinets and colors and styles of counter tops. In fact, a striking backsplash go a long way to perking up the tired old kitchen or generating an interesting focal point in a home. Interestingly, this really is one area that often gets ignored and not always included in the planning of the new kitchen.

Here are some from the latest ideas for exciting fresh backsplashes – who knows, maybe you will get the urge to make some changes for your own home.

Where Cost is No Object

With the trend toward stainless steel devices and counter tops, it stands to reason that will shiny metal backsplashes would not end up being far behind. Although easy to clean, stainless-steel does show smudges more than some other surfaces, but also durable and very stylish. If you’re looking for a warmer experience, try defining kitchen work locations by combining different mediums. Utilize stainless steel behind the cook-top plus sink, and use tile at the rear of the other work areas.

Also good metallic look, is the use of produced patterned metal ceiling tiles. They form an interesting pattern under your cabinets and can be painted to suit. Copper is an especially popular choice : adding warmth as well as style.

By far the most chic design strategy of late is the use of translucent cup. This can be had in little mosaic sheets or installed within large solid sheets of designed glass. It’s easy to clean, luminous plus oh, so dramatic. The ceramic tiles are available in clear, frosted, linear or even iridescent finishes. The cost is around $30/square foot and can be very tricky to install. Maintenance varies using the complexity of the design.

The strong glass sheets are also available along with continuous patterns or blown cup sculpted into its surface. These pieces will turn your kitchen area into a show piece – to get a price!

Natural stone is extremely stylish and works well with many design designs. It’s durable, costly, and must be sealed regularly.

For the Budget Minded

Instead of combining various palettes, this variation takes your present counter top material and continues this right up the wall. This slashes back on the design decisions plus creates a nice even, clean appearance.

Ceramic tile is still a popular choice to get a backsplash. The trend is relocating toward using a neutral shade associated with tile set off with a decorative boundary. Or, try to incorporate items might collected on trips or unique stones or shells you’ve collected that have significance. These simple features add interest to an otherwise simple ceramic wall. Ceramic is very affordable, durable, easy to clean, doesn’t require closing and is easy to install.

Subway tiles may also be emerging as a popular design option, with either rough or refined surfaces. They have a commercial believe that works exceptionally well with an attic or renovated warehouse style house.

The decorative yet functional backsplash is also making a comeback. Purchase jazzy stainless steel or colored S-hooks plus hang from a long rod to keep everything from measuring cups to little pans and utensils.

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