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Ideas to Clean Stainless Cabinet Handles

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If you’re looking for a clear, simple look in your kitchen, after that stainless steel kitchen cabinet hardware can be the perfect fitting. It’s an ideal match for the fresh stainless steel appliances and can add a contact of modern elegance to any cooking area. While stainless kitchen cabinet hardware has become the least demanding when it comes to cleansing, it will still need a little interest from time to time. Heat and grease can take a cost on your kitchen cabinet hardware and metal is no exception. So be prepared to do a little maintenance on this otherwise happy-go-lucky home hardware.

If your metal cabinet handles and drawer draws have been up for a while, they may be searching a little dull and in need of the cleaning. It’s possible to perform an in place cleaning if your kitchen cabinets hardware isn’t too dirty. You can clean them right combined with the surface of your cabinets, using a gentle damp cloth and an fruit based degreasing cleaner. Follow up with a dry cloth to polish your kitchen cabinet hardware to a sparkling shine.

Removing Your Stainless Cabinet Handles for a Thorough Cleaning

If your Stainless hardware is really greasy and grimy, you really should remove it for a more thorough cleaning. This means grabbing your screw driver and removing all of the drawer pulls, knobs and hinges so you can give them a good scrubbing. It’s a good idea if you can have someone assist you to with this as it will require removing the cabinet doors and you don’t want them twisting or falling in the process. Start by unscrewing the bottom hinge first and leaving the top screw in the upper hinge until last. Have your helper steady the door while you remove the last screw and carefully lower the door.

Remove all the kitchen cabinet hardware from the doors and do the same for all the drawers. Mark each door and drawer as to it’s location by using a small sticker or piece of tape. Place screws in a container for safe keeping. If these need cleaning add water and a little orange cleaner to let them soak. Place all your hardware in a dishpan or other suitable sized container and cover with warm water and orange degreasing cleaner, following the label’s instructions as to the amount to use. Don’t place small pieces, such as knobs directly in the kitchen sink. If you have a disposal unit on your sink it’s easy for the smaller pieces to fall into it.

Reinstalling Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

After the kitchen cabinet hardware has soaked for about 15 to 20 minutes it’s time to scrub off the grim. This is where an old tooth brush can come in handy. It’s sturdy enough to remove the loosened dirt but won’t scratch your drawer pulls and knobs like steel wool or harsh abrasives might. It’s also great if your stainless cabinet knobs and handles have any detailing at all. Place all the clean pieces out on a towel and let dry or dry by hand, Pay special attention to the hinges to make certain they are completely dry.

Replace your kitchen cabinet hardware, attaching hinges to doors and then knobs or handles. Fasten the door to frame using the top hinge first and then aligning the remaining screw holes. Add a drop of oil to the hinges. Use a brand that displaces moisture and use sparingly. If you remember to clean your stainless cabinet hardware routinely right combined with the rest of your kitchen, you’ll seldom have to remove it for an even more thorough cleaning.

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