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Features of the Best Gas Barbeque Grill

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There is a cause the best gas barbeque barbeque grill costs a little more. It’s built to serve you for a lifetime. If you want the greatest gas barbeque grill made, listed here are the features you should look for.

Stainless Steel Construction

What makes stainless steel special isn’t very that it’s made of steel plus isn’t that it’s stainless. Because difficult. Metals labeled “stainless steel” will blemish, lose their luster, stain, corrosion and pit. The fact of the matter is that there are many of varieties of stainless steels available in the market place – plus they are not created equal.

There are usually two basic grades of stainless-steel used in today’s outdoor gas propane gas grills – magnet (400) stainless plus non-magnetic (300) stainless. The (400) grade magnetic stainless steel is second-rate to the (300). It’s less durable or rust resistant since the (300), it does not conduct or even retain heat as well, and it will warp when exposed to high temperatures, and it also generally produces an inferior product.

The typical box store gas bar-b-que grill uses (400) stainless steel. The finest gas grill uses just commercial grade 304 stainless steel. That’s why they can be backed by a 100% lifetime guarantee.

So, if you’re buying quality stainless steel gas grill, have a magnet with you. If the magnets sticks to the grill, leave. It is not a quality stainless steel barbeque grill.

Fully Welded Seams vs . Spot Welding

Next time you’re in your nearby box store take some time to inspect their particular gas barbeque grills. What you will discover is that the seams are not completely welded – they are spot welded. And spot welding will not endure to the extreme temperatures manufactured in a gas barbeque grill. These seams will eventually pop plus split – ending the helpful life of the barbeque barbeque grill.

If you want the best outside grill available, make sure the stitches are fully welded. These propane gas grills will last a lifetime.


So what’s the BTU? It’s the amount of heat needed to raise the heat of one pound of drinking water from 39 degrees to 40 degrees. So in its simplest conditions the BTU measures heat result.

And how does that translate in order to outdoor gas grills? Taken only, the number of BTUs the gas barbeque grill can produce will be meaningless. What is meaningful will be the number of BTUs created per square inch of food preparation surface. The finest outdoor gasoline grills produce 100 BTUs or even more per square inch of barbeque grill surface.

Why does this issue? It matters because this is the level of heat required to correctly sear a steak, producing meat house quality meat time and time again. So if you want to become legendary for your barbecuing skills, you need to know the BTUs for each square inch of grill surface area before you buy your next barbeque grill. That is what will set you aside from the rest of the community.

Infrared Cooking

An infrared burner has ceased to be a fad when it comes to producing beautifully tender steaks. It’s a necessity. Infrared heat is radiant heat : and radiant heat cooks meats without drying it out. Gone are the days of handbags puck hamburgers.

When you consider the next outdoor gas grill, make sure will be comes equipped with an infrared burner.

Flavor Zones and Heat Separators

Flavor Zones were first introduced by Weber Grills. The concept was to create separate temperature zones across the grill – so you could have a single side cranked up all the way to sear your meat whilst the other side was started low to cook tender veggies.

Today, premium manufactures like SUNLIGHT Gas Grills have done one much better. Their flavor zones have openings which allow for the escape of heat as your turn the numerous burners up and down. And they have launched heat separators between the taste zones to shield the temperature of one burner from the remainder of the grill : allowing for precise temperature control together the entire length of the gas barbeque grill.

This technologies is the finest available today. Make it part of your next gasoline barbeque grill.

Smoker Box

The greatest outdoor gas grills on the market today incorporate old fashioned smoking cigarettes in the form of the smoker box. The smoker container is designed to infuse your food – specifically your meat – with the flavor of hickory (or additional hard wood) smoke at the same time as you grill your own meat.

100% Unconditional Guarantee

Regardless of the model gas barbeque barbeque grill you choose, the person selling it must be willing to back it up with a 100% absolute, wholehearted guarantee. If they are not willing to do this, you need to question the quality of the grill you are about to buy. Excellent quality gas barbeque propane gas grills will last a lifetime and the vendor should be willing to back that plan their guarantee.

So, what’s the Bottom Line?

The bottom line within gas barbeque grills is that purchasing price is a sucker’s play. In gas grills, like many other items in life, you get what you pay for. The more important measure is cost for each year’s use. Buying a top-of-the-line stainless steel gas grill will produce many, many years of use plus enjoyment. The same cannot be mentioned for grills that do not provide the features discussed in this article.

This is especially important if the gasoline barbeque grill is going to be incorporated directly into an outdoor kitchen. Imagine changing the grill every 3-5 years. What a nightmare. But 3-5 many years is the average life span of box store grills. So, whenever you replace the gas barbeque barbeque grill you already have, make sure you buy the finest quality you can afford. You defintely won’t be sorry!

For a truly exceptional gasoline barbeque grill, be sure to visit our website below. There you’ll find the best high end grills on the market today.

Until next time, Happy Grilling…

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