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Cowboy Kitchen | Outdoor Kitchen Grill Station

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All right nicely here she is I’ve got it : almost complete its my rancher kitchen outdoor kitchen whatever you wish to call it I kind of like cowboy cooking area kind of cool anyways I got our grilling table here I nevertheless got some trim to do i’ll put some plexiglass on top of this so that i have a smoother surface plus better area to clean so we’re going just keep it a little more sanitary. straight down here I got a couple cabinets exactly where my spices are going to go likely to collect a bunch and then down right here this is just so i can get beneath the Weber here and clean this out, and storage I’ll place my coals, charcoal in there almost everything and then yeah looks pretty awesome i like it so to complete our little cowboy kitchen here obtained my sink kitchen sink oh yeah understand this was a fun project too, anything that I’ve used wood wise comes out of my scrap pile on the market when we were working on this home here remodeling and everything plus tearing and gutting everything obtained all that scrap wood and put this particular thing together same with this therefore free of charge other than labor and nicely the stain had to do the spot on it so but yeah right here it is now I don’t have to go within to wash my hand there she functions drains right down into my small bucket let’s do this, yeah I love it! Dig it! going to work nicely i’ll probably put a garbage can right there I don’t know.

Anyways this is my cowboy kitchen thanks very much.

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