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Countertop Remodel – Emergency Fix For Outdated Countertops Without Replacing Them

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When it comes to kitchen counter tops are you a Laminate girl inside a Granite world? Well, join average folks who at one time or another have had to select between having the hottest new cooking area featured on HGTV or residing in the real world where the baby needs brand-new shoes and the mortgage has to be compensated.

I came up with a manageable answer a few years back when we wanted to up-date our kitchen countertop but had been a little short on cash with a brand new baby in the house and we didn’t actually want to get into tearing out the counter top and sink right away. I thought if we were going to eventually alter out the countertop anyway We didn’t have anything to lose in case my experiment DIDN’T work… yet to my delight it worked beautifully and so well that I ended up not really changing the countertop but altering the color a few years later when I transformed the color of my kitchen once again when I got ready to sell the home.

I started out with the old Formica countertop – you know, the whitened with gold thread through this that you sat up on and got countless Fudgesicles when you were a child? I bought enough of the textured aerosol paint to cover the surface I necessary to cover – this is called fleckstone, granite, and other names like that and it is approved for outdoor use furthermore. Then I purchased the cheapest spraypaint I could find in a coordinating colour (I paid $1 a can). After I cleaned and dried out the countertop I applied the particular cheap spray paint as a special primer. It would probably be a good idea in order to sand lightly first. I failed to but I probably should have. You can decide whether to neglect this step or not. Also, make sure to include your cabinets, floors, sink fittings and appliances with plastic to safeguard from overspray. Make sure the area is well ventilated and turn away all pilot lights and open up flames and follow manufacturers directions on the paint.

After the special primer coat dried I applied the particular textured paint. Be sure to move well and shake frequently whilst applying. You can’t mess this particular up. If you miss an area just go back over it! You can provide it one coat or extra coats as needed.

Once the particular textured paint has dried nicely, finish with 2-3 coats associated with clear spray polyurethane. This will certainly protect the surface from normal damage and water. The polyurethane will require a little longer to dry among coats than the paint. You have to be somewhat careful with scratching things along the surface than along with laminate or granite countertops yet I had pretty good luck overall with all the counters. And you can always touch all of them up easily!

The first time We used a gray and dark fleck with white cabinets along with red doors on a black and white examined tile floor for a 50’s customer type kitchen. Then I redid the counter tops in a sand colour and painted the cabinets off-white and redid the floors inside a rich walnut laminate. Awesome outcomes both times.

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