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Bathroom Remodeling: Things to Consider Before You Remodel Your Bathroom

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It doesn’t matter whether there is a big home or a small house. Your bathroom is one of the rooms you need to invest in as many luxurious fixtures plus amenities as you can.

Why A Bathroom is Worth Going Big

The bathing room can be a haven, a place where you consider long soaks in the tub in late tiring days at work. Reason sufficient why a bathroom remodel is one of the greatest things you can do for you and your home.

On top of that, bathroom remodeling provides you with an 80% to 90% revenue should you ever decide to sell your house. Whether it’s a partial upgrade or even a complete overhaul, a bathroom remodel any worthwhile project you should seriously consider purchasing.

Deciding on the Scope of Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

The minute you begin on your bathroom remodeling project, it may result in either one of two points: you’ll have that gleaming, tiled heaven of a bathroom you’ve always desired to have or you’ll find yourself having a half-assembled mess of older and new bathroom fixtures. To prevent the second scenario, you should choose the scope of your bathroom redesigning project before you start anything.

Based on the budget, the span of time you might have, and the size of your bathroom as well as its current state, you have several options for redesigning your bathroom:

  • Option 1 . Do a surface-level bathroom remodeling. This is an option when your bathing room fixtures, the knobs on the sinks and such, are still in good condition however your bathtub and/or your shower booth is looking a little shabby. When that’s the case, a surface-level bathing room remodeling can give you the feel of the whole new bathroom, without the price tag. It’s a great project to take on minus the budget for a complete overhaul at this time. The rule of thumb to follow the following is, “Cover, don’t replace.” Replacement adds to time and costs of a remodel due to the fact you’re paying to have elaborate there already removed. Covering utilizes the structure of what’s currently there and simply gives it a brand new face. Some of the not-so-pricey products you need to invest in when carrying out a surface-level bathroom remodeling include prefabricated shower units, bathtub or bath liners, bathtub refinishing, and easy-to-install wainscoting.
  • Option 2 . Change the layout of your bathroom. Similar to how you sometimes piece together the placement of furniture in your family room, kitchen, or bedroom to provide a new feel, you can rearrange the particular plumbing fixtures in your bathroom. This project is a bit more difficult to undertake than a surface-level remodel. Bathroom accessories such as the sink, shower stall, bath tub, and cabinets are not easily shifted, and will require the services of a licensed local plumber, a carpenter, and possibly an electrical contractor. However, once the professionals are completed, you can save a little money by ordering things like towel racks and pubs, shelves, trash cans, and assorted bath accessories yourself. There is a bigger change to the overall appear of your bathroom once you’re completed.
  • Option 3. Be American – Make your bathroom bigger. If you’re feeling patriotic, and have the space to spare, you can extend the area of the toilet and bath. It’s because American as apple pie. If you only have a shower stall, you are able to tear down a non-load-bearing wall and provide yourself a proper bathtub. If a person already have a bathtub, punch away some closet space from the following room, and give yourself a whirlpool bathtub. Whatever size bathroom you’ve got, you will encounteer options for going bigger. (A spa maybe…? )
  • Option 4. A whole bathroom overhaul. If not more than that is going to do it for you, almost always there is the final option of a complete overhaul of the existing bathroom. Tear everything away, right down to the bear studs, and completely redo the space. Of the bathroom remodeling projects we’ve talked about, this is potentially the most tedious, the priciest and the most disruptive to your family. However, if done properly, you are able to create a perfect place for you to escape your everyday, and add lots of money to the value of your home.

Factors to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

After you’ve determined the size plus scope of the bathroom remodeling task you’re going to take on, there are many things you’re going to require to contend with before work can start:

  1. Your remodeling budget Life is full of the unexpected. That’s exactly why most people have an emergency fund. Too often people look at the money sitting within their emergency fund and decide to include it in their remodeling spending budget. This is a mistake. Remodeling tasks are a favorite for Murphy is actually Law. If you decide to commit your emergency fund in your redesigning project, you all but guarantee some thing will go wrong in the middle of the task that’ll drain that fund plus leave you with a half re-finished bathing room. If you don’t have the funds to get a complete bathroom remodel in your accounts right now, settle for something less committed that you can afford and still improve the appear of your bathroom. You don’t need to have to stop the particular contractor from coming in your house once the project’s only half way completed because you no longer have the funds to spend on labor.
  2. Designing to Ideal bathroom This has more to perform with design than anything else, however it is the foundation on which the rest of your choices will depend. To help yourself by means of this process, go through the following mental physical exercise. Close your eyes. Picture ideal house: the lawn, the fencing, the windows, the door. In your own mind’s eye, walk through the doorway, up the stairs, through the master bedroom plus into your perfect bathroom. Now this really is your dream house. Your concept of a perfect bathroom is completely up to you. For you, a great bathing room may be simple; a bathroom with glistening, all-white surfaces and brass for the fixtures. On the other hand, it may be something more chic, like your personal spa. The point is, the concept for this perfect bathroom is your own, and yours alone. Everyone otherwise involved in the project from this point forward must be focused on giving you your vision, not really theirs. Whatever scope of task you’ve chosen to undertake, the finish should be as close to ideal as it can be.
  3. The materials to be used The choice of components for your bathroom remodeling project is going to be driven by your budget and the renovated look you want your bathroom to possess. You can choose the color, design, plus type of materials used for the bathroom’s countertops, faucets, flooring, shower, kitchen sink, and other parts. Whether you’re finding a contractor or doing the bathroom redesigning yourself, you have the final say because homeowner on the materials to be taken for the project, but a lot is going to be dictated by your budget. Even if you may want travertine marble, be prepared to compromise. Porcelain tiles can appear pretty good when you’re staring at your main point here.

A Final Word About Bathroom Remodeling

All in all, the success of your bathroom remodeling project boils down to planning. As long as you know exactly what your budget limitations are and the range of the remodeling project, there’s no cause you can’t have that tiled, awesome, gleaming haven of a bathroom might always wanted.

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