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5 Major Home Renovation Projects That Offer The Best Return On Investment

Posted on October 22, 2017 By

When it comes to redesigning your home for re-sale there are a few main renovations that top the list.

1. Major Kitchen Remodels. (ROI 75-85%)

The function of the kitchen has progressed over the years and now more than ever the kitchen should meet those needs.

  • Buyers want to envision themselves in a beautiful newly renovated kitchen where they could actually see themselves – planning meals for their friends and family -where the children nestle into a cozy banquette carrying out their homework, or their visitors mingling around that gorgeous tropical isle. Buyers want to see this in their thoughts eye and know that it’s achievable.
  • A major kitchen redesign may need to include a new floor intend to improve on a poorly designed function triangle.
  • If the kitchen is totally dated, isolated and compartmentalized having an inefficient floor plan and design – don’t think that replacing the particular cabinets and appliances will camouflage clothing the problem. It won’t!
  • If at all possible add an tropical isle into those plans. Everyone enjoys them!
  • Replacing all cabinets, appliances, lighting, flooring, finishes plus fixtures and new French windows and doors will grab the buyers’ interest.
  • Since kitchens and bathrooms are the costliest rooms to refurbish, the buyer will be thrilled that the function is already done for them.

2. Family Room Additions. (75% ROI)

The family room is the 2nd most popular space in the home after the cooking area.

  • Adding 400 sq . foot. of bright and cheery living area (if your neighborhood will bare it), will definitely improve the value of the home
  • Increase the overall height of your room and introduce a vaulted roof. Creating a sense of volume instantly the room feel more spacious.
  • Consider the details and add gorgeous French doors, floor to roof windows or even skylights to overflow this new space with lighting and maximizes a view. Take it one step further plus add the deck.

3. Deck Addition. (72-95% ROI)

Deck additions are quite possibly the best purchases these days. They naturally transition the inside to the exterior – instantly growing your living space.

And who won’t love that?

  • It’s the vacation-at-home experience, as it expands your own living space and extends the summer period – forcing you to live even more outdoors before the winter season sets in.
  • Its design can be as basic or elaborate as the home it can attached to.
  • Multi-leveled or solitary, built in seating or casual seats areas, hot tubs, and outside kitchens – all of which add to the holiday home atmosphere.
  • Decks tend to be more popular than pools and easy to build.
  • Design the floor to compliment the character of your home’s living room exterior architecture. Give it a few thought in planning – it must be proportionate to the size of your lawn.
  • Incorporate energy efficient solar or even led lighting.

4. Main Floor Master Bedroom Addition(73% ROI)

  • Adding a 400 sq . foot. master bedroom suite and spa-like shower provides a private retreat and interests many home buyers. Access in order to main floor is gaining within popularity.
  • Empty nesters as well as others, who no longer want to tackle stairways, prefer to have the master bedroom and shower retreat on the main floor amount of the home.
  • Immediate access to a lovely deck or patio outdoors furthermore adds to the return.

5. Two-Story Addition (77% ROI)

  • A two-story addition of 800 square foot could include a new main flooring family room and an upper degree master suite complete with a full bath
  • Or utilizing that extra space plus designating it, as the home office, is extremely appealing to home- buyers.
  • Homeowners are spending more time working from home with the homepreneur trend growing, buyers are usually attracted to the extra space dedicated exclusively to operating their home based company.

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